Jun 11

Change Google Chrome Google Search Country

I recently moved to Chile to work on our new startup buffr.com which is an easy way to manage multiple social networks. We call it the social media dashboard.

The first time I used the internet on my laptop in Chile, Google Chrome prompted me if I had changed to a different location. Unaware that clicking yes would make the default search bar use Google Chile, I clicked yes!

After a few searches I realized it was easy changing the chrome google search country back to my own country.

Here’s how you change the country specific google search to the one you want :

1. Close Google Chrome
2. Navigate to \Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
3. There will be a file named “Local State”
4. Search for “last_known_google_url” and/or “last_prompted_google_url” and change the extension of the value here to the one you want.
5. Start Google Chrome

You should now have the Google search engine in Chrome belonging to the country that you want. Chrome will prompt you again to use Google specific to your location, just select No!

May 08

Technical site reviews… What do you think?

I am planning to start a blog (review.techtamasha.com) where I review all the other good technical sites, blogs and all kinds of softwares that will help you make your job as a developer or blogger a lot easier. I’ll keep you posted when I start it and it’s gonna be soon ;o)

Apr 08

The next killer app!!!

A relatively unknown company in a small town named lirpa
loof seemed to have come out with a software that supposedly does the programming all by itself!! Yeah, you heard it right. I too couldn’t believe it myself until I saw the demo!!

Analysts call it the invention of the new century. Andy, one of the first few allowed to have a dekko at the software had to say this – “It’s an amazing tool they’ve developed!! To check it myself, all I did was type the sentences – ‘Table, three column, one row, add dynamic row’ and woh!! In just 28 secs the tool was ready with the appropriate JavaScript!!! No one will ever need to learn to code from now on. Everyone’s a programmer with this tool.”

Researchers all over the world have been trying to come out with an app like this for years but with no luck. Ripal, the CEO of the company which developed this killer app went on to say that with this tool, even kids in kindergarten would be able to come out with their own softwares!!

But as every great invention has its own cons, scientists all over the world expressed concern saying that this would deter people from becoming software professionals as their job would be made absolete with this tool!!

Hmmm… I know, I know. You must be eager to have a go at the software yourself like the way I was eager to. I managed to get the name of the software through my reliable sources and googled it to get a preview. You too can do the same. The name is just the reverse of the name of the place where the software was developed – Lirpa Loof.

Or, should I say april fool . Go spread the word. Let the world know about the next killer app. Send this link (http://techtamasha.com/?p=41) to all your friends.